The Secret of St. Thérèse

Her writings, especially her Story of a Soul, reveal the secret. Her life was one of simplicity, humility and a boundless trust in the Mercy of God. “Jesus does not demand great actions from us,” she said, “but simply surrender and gratitude.”

Sacred Heart

“He has no need of our works but only of our love…Ah! I feel it more than ever before, Jesus is parched, for He meets only the ungrateful and indifferent among His disciples in the world, and among His own disciples, alas, He finds few hearts who surrender to Him without reservations, who understand the real tenderness of His infinite Love.”

Such words have, in turn, inspired countless holy men and women to live lives of heroic fidelity to God. But it is her words on being “Love in the Heart of the Church” from Manuscript B of the Story of a Soul which are a special treasure to us as Cloistered Nuns.