Poverty: Leading to Christ, Our Greatest Wealth

  • “Poverty proclaims that God is man’s only real treasure. When poverty is lived according to the example of Christ Who ‘though He was rich…became poor’, it becomes an expression of that total gift of self which the three Divine Persons make to one another.” (Vita Consecrata)



  • Our response, as Carmelites, to the unbounded materialism of our culture, is the profession of evangelical poverty which recalls the first of the Beatitudes in imitation of the poor Christ. Its primary meaning… “is to attest that God is the true wealth of the human heart.” (VC)


  • This response demands a life that is “poor in fact and in spirit, hardworking, sober and detached from earthly goods.” (cf. Const #30) By preference, we choose manual work which allows our spirit to be free to attend to contemplation and permits us to accomplish it in solitude and silence without it encroaching upon the life of prayer.

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