Chastity: Our Greatest Gift

“Consecrated chastity is a precious gift which the heavenly Father grants to some. The Sisters imitate Christ in His virginity, in order to be holy in body and soul. Through consecrated chastity, (they) witness to that love which always gives first place to Christ their divine Spouse Who gave His life for them. (It) is a joyous manifestation of divine charity that enlarges the heart’s capacity to love, leaving it undivided and free, just as God wishes His brides to be free and attached only to Him.” (cf. Const. #26-28)

  • “Chastity is a manifestation of dedication to God with an undivided heart and a reflection of the infinite love which links the three Divine Persons in the mysterious depths of the life of the Trinity.” (Vita Consecrata) By our vow of Chastity we grow in being “love in the heart of the Church,” and remind the Christian people of their fundamental Vocation, to be one with the Lord.


  • Our reply, as Carmelites, to the challenge of our hedonistic culture is “above all in the joyful living of perfect chastity, as a witness to the power of God’s love manifested in the weakness of the human condition…attest(ing) that what many have believed impossible becomes, with the Lord’s grace, possible and truly liberating. Yes, in Christ it is possible to love God with all one’s heart, putting Him above every other love, and thus to love every creature with the freedom of God!” (Vita Consecrata)

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